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…because I’ll be in ARUBA!!!

From February 6 – 11, myself and several friends are going to Aruba for their annual Carnival. Some itinerary items include:

  1. Wind surfing
  2. Late night lighting parade
  3. All day tour of the island in a Jeep
  4. 4am ‘Pajama Parade’…yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a parade in your PJ’s!
  5. Sea trek? We haven’t officially decided we are doing this
  6. All day Carnival celebrations on Sunday
  7. Loads of beach time!

As you can guess, I’m super stoked to be going. I plan on taking lots of pics but hopefully not getting sun burned. Sunscreen is definitely on my list. Several different sunscreens. Of several different sizes. For several different activities. I’ll be armed and ready.

Bon voyage!